1930 Duesenberg Murphy Convertible Coupe. This Murphy-bodied Duesenberg features an eight cylinder, 420 cubic inch, 265 horsepower Lycoming engine designed by Fred Duesenberg. With twin overhead cams and four valves per cylinder, the engine was linked to the drive train by a three speed manual gearbox. Production cars were capable of doing 116 mph without much difficulty and zero-to-100 in 21 seconds. Approximately 20 coach builders, including six in Europe, were responsible for the bodies of all 480 model J chassis that were produced. With a wheel base of 142.5 inches, the use of aluminum alloy kept the weight of this huge vehicle to about 5,200 pounds. This Model J features a "Clear Vision" windshield, free of a center pillar and was built by the Walter J. Murphy Company of Pasadena, California. Murphy was Duesenberg’s largest provider of car bodies.