1933 Rolls Royce 20/25. This Rolls-Royce, chassis No.GSY74, was bodied by Fernandez and Darrin as a Sedanca deVille. As paperwork shows, there were very few Rolls-Royce bodied by Fernandez and Darrin. This car is one of two Sedanca deVilles built by them. GSY74 was completed April 26, 1933 at the coach makers company on the Champs Elysee in Paris. This car was special ordered for Miss S. Rocke of London, an actress. Factory records show the car was sold to F. I. Nightingirl in 1954. The car then went to a Mr. Hart, an Australian. The car then came to theUnited States and was sold by Mr. Dale Powers, in Florida, to a Dr. Henry Wager of New Jersey in the mid 1970's. Later the car was sold to Charles Thad Chamblis, Jr., of Tampa, FL. In 2014 it was transferred to Peter Boyle by dealer Vintage Motors, of Sarasota, FL. Owner: Peter Boyle, Oil City, PA. Photographed at the Pacific Northwest Concours d'Elegance held September 7, 2014.