1928 Isotta Fraschini 8A SS. Built in Italy and with Custom Coachwork by LeBaron, this Isotta-Fraschini was introduced at the 1928 New York Auto Show. Isotta Fraschini is an Italian brand historically known for the production of cars which were among the most luxurious and prestigious ever built. This Italian built chassis was delivered to the LeBaron Company in the United States to have the custom boattail body with single rumble seat installed. Only two Isotta Fraschini of this design were built. Its 160 horsepower straight eight engine made this a powerful and fast car. This was the most powerful mass-produced straight-8 engine in the world at that time. Owner: Peter Boyle, Oil City, PA. Photographed at the Pacific Northwest Concours d'Elegance held September 7, 2014.