1929 Cadillac Victoria Coupe. Exterior design of the 1929 was little changed, but the car had a new Syncro-Mesh "Silent Shift" transmission, eliminating the need for double clutching, and new four wheel mechanical brakes. This 1929 Victoria Coupe was originally purchased by a lady who was described as a "prominent Baltimore Madame". The Madame's "man Friday" drove her in comfort, while keeping the car in pristine condition. After the Madame died he continued to care for the car the rest of his life. The current owner acquired the car in very original condition. The car has 42 thousand miles on the odometer. Special features include Bakelite knobs and handles, sconces, embroidered panels, vanities and silk shades. The paint is as ordered in toga Maroon, black and gold striping. The interior is adorned in deluxe Mo-Hair upholstery. This car is exactly as depicted in the Cadillac Prestige Brochure. The owner appropriately has named this car, "Madame". Owner: Marc Lassen, Sequim, WA. Photographed at the Pacific Northwest Concours d'Elegance held September 7, 2014.