Battery James Calwell. Named for Captain James Calwell, Infantry, commissioned in 1847. Assigned to the Virginia Volunteers, he took part in the early operations of the Mexican War. He was wounded in action at Paso Ovejas. He died September 18, 1847. Battery Calwell construction was started in 1903. Construction was completed in 1964 at a cost of $99,500. The battery mounted four 6 inch disappearing carriage guns. A disappearing carriage gun was lowered to below the lip of the battery for loading. After loading the gun was raised to firing position above the lip. When the gun was fired, the recoil forced the gun back down to the loading position. The only time the gun was visible to the enemy was during firing. The guns were removed in 1918 and shipped to the East Coast where they were mounted of railroad cars and shipped to the European Theater. Gun Weight = 48 Tons Projectile Weight = 108 Pounds Powder Weight = 32 Pounds Range = 7.5 Miles Rate of Fire = 4 rounds per minute Wartime Manning = 5 Officers, 175 Enlisted. Fort Flagler State Park. August 6, 2013.